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About GIM

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a music-centred integrative form of psychotherapy. Specifically programmed music is used to facilitate a dynamic exploration of consciousness and inner experiences in support of physical and psychological transformation and wellbeing.

The client listens to a programme of music in a relaxed state allowing subconscious material, in the form of imagery, memories or feelings, to surface into conscious awareness. This experience is then shared verbally with the therapist (guide). During the session the guide interacts with the client using a series of non-analytical, non-directive interventions. Each session, lasting between 1 and 2 hours, is made up of a preliminary discussion, induction/relaxation, music experience and return/postlude discussion.

GIM is used with individual clients and also in group settings as a healing tool to address a range of psychological and self-development issues.

Qualification as a GIM therapist is attained through a training programme, endorsed by The Association for Music and Imagery, leading to a Fellowship.

Helen Bonny, who created the method following her own deep spiritual experience, has described a GIM session as ­- 'providing a secure environment for the client to become immersed in his/her inner world of imagery and feelings, early life experiences emerge as real:  a flood of repressed emotions may irresistibly pour forth: juxtapositions of unlikely images may bring insight and creative problem solving.'